/Alids1384728.html,Elvira:,That,Brain,2401円,[VHS],Wouldn't,Die,DVD , 外国映画 , コメディ,shesquill.co.in Elvira: Brain That ランキングTOP10 Wouldn't Die VHS 2401円 Elvira: Brain That Wouldn't Die [VHS] DVD 外国映画 コメディ Elvira: Brain That ランキングTOP10 Wouldn't Die VHS 2401円 Elvira: Brain That Wouldn't Die [VHS] DVD 外国映画 コメディ /Alids1384728.html,Elvira:,That,Brain,2401円,[VHS],Wouldn't,Die,DVD , 外国映画 , コメディ,shesquill.co.in

Elvira: ◆セール特価品◆ Brain That ランキングTOP10 Wouldn't Die VHS

Elvira: Brain That Wouldn't Die [VHS]


Elvira: Brain That Wouldn't Die [VHS]



A scientist is driving around with his gorgeous girlfriend and everything's hunky-dory until he wrecks the car and her head goes flying off. Not to be discouraged, he wraps the decapitated noggin in his jacket and scurries off to his lab, where he keeps the poor woman's head alive in a developing tray with some coils and tubes running in and out of it. With his girlfriend's still-conscious cabeza back at the lab, the good doctor drives around shopping for bodies, ogling women who might make likely candidates for reattaching the head. Finally he finds a model with a gorgeous bod (and leopard print bikini), but a scarred face. He convinces the young woman that he can fix her looks with plastic surgery and convinces her to go back to the lab. Meanwhile, his girlfriend-head (silenced by a strip of duct tape over her mouth) has developed telepathy and a nasty grudge. This movie used to regularly leave late-night TV audiences aghast and scare the bejabbers out of the young'uns. Decades later, it's an indispensable trash classic, complete with a catfight, a pinhead monster, a deformed assistant, and even a spatter of gore. Make no mistake; this incredible, sleazy gem is a must-see for any self-respecting fans of camp cinema. They just don't come any better, and they definitely don't make 'em like that anymore. --Jerry Renshaw

Elvira: Brain That Wouldn't Die [VHS]








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